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Anti-Vehicle Breaching Device (AVBD 200 SERIES)

M50 K12 Cantilevered Sliding 12’ – 36’ Model #250CS
M50 K12 Sliding 12’ – 36’ Model #250SL
M50 K12 Swing 12’ – 36’ Model #250SW
M40 K8 Double Swing 12’ – 36’ Model #240DS
M40 K8 Sliding 12’ – 36’ Model #240SL
M30 K4 Cantilevered Sliding 12’ – 36’ Model #230CS
M30 K4 Sliding 12’ – 36’ Model #230SL
M30 K4 Swing 12’ – 36’ Model #230SW

The BSP Anti-Ram Gates have been utilized primarily for the DoD, FBI, NSA, Nuclear and Top Secret Facilities as access control barriers. BSP has successfully installed these barriers on a variety of Military facilities in conjunction with our ACCS (Access Control Command System) fulfilling all AVB (Active Vehicle Barrier) and ACPCS (Access Control Point Control System) requirements.

We can easily match an existing fence application by using the same ornamental pickets or typical chain link. BSP provides an active vehicle barrier to meet the demands of various facilities and their high-volume traffic control needs.

Standard Features: Rated for extreme temperatures (-140° to 150° F), welded tube steel framework, embedded crash cables, slide, swing, vertical pivot and drop designs, immediate reverse operation, mechanical or manual operation.

Optional Features: Customizable control panels, remote control panels, visual deployment signals, audio alarms, traffic signals, battery back up system, vehicle detection modules, customized to match existing fencing and can be used to “harden” existing gates. Custom sizes are also available on request.