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Anti-Vehicle Breaching Device (AVBD 300 SERIES)

M50 K12 Fixed Model #350F
M50 K12 Removeable Model #350R
M50 K12 Shallow Foundation Model #350SF
M40 K8 Fixed Model #340F
M40 K8 Removeable Model #340R
M40 K8 Shallow Foundation Model #340SF
M30 K4 Fixed Model #330F
M30 K4 Removeable Model #330R
M30 K4 Shallow Foundation Model #330SF

BSP has a full line of standard and shallow mount bollards that are designed for perimeter security protection, pedestrian safety and traffic control. The bollards styles can vary by individual site needs and aesthetics design. BSP offers Standard (deep mount), Shallow mount, and manual removable bollards. Our bollard line offers products that secure perimeter security from levels of M30 P1 through M50 P1.

All of our products and materials are manufactured in the United States and carry the Made in America seal of approval. BSP believes that protection of the area of concern can be aesthetically pleasing without compromising safety and protection. Our wide variety of passive bollards provides the reliability and level of security for all types of projects.