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Anti-Vehicle Breaching Device (AVBD 600 SERIES)

M50 K12 Defender Net Barrier 21’, 72’ Model #650
Portable Net Barrier Model #660

BSP’s Defender Net Barrier system has revolutionized the perimeter security industry. In a world where systems are designed to stop vehicle ramming attacks by brute force, we have designed a solution that could stop threats while minimizing unnecessary liability. This barrier is the culmination of our 20 years designing and engineering.

Traditional net barrier systems tend to develop mechanical issues as they rely on motors pulling in opposing directions which keeps the Net under load or having shear pins that allow for easy breach. BSP engineered a better designed barrier which resolves these “old” issues. The Defender Net Barrier is crash tested to meet ASTM F2656 Crash Standards and has received a rating of M50/P2 for both its 18ft. and 72ft. widths.