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Anti-Vehicle Breaching Device (AVBD 100 SERIES)

M50 P1 – Passive Cable Barrier Model #151
M50 P2 – Passive Cable Barrier Model #152
M30 P1 – Passive Cable Barrier Model #131
M30 P2 – Passive Cable Barrier Model #132

The BSP M50/30 Passive Cable Barrier (Anti-Ram Fence) has been utilized primarily for the US Dept of Defense (DoD), FBI, NSA, Nuclear and Top Secret Facilities as passive vehicle barriers that either secure a perimeter or funnel traffic to the active vehicle barriers at ACP locations. The BSP Passive Cable Barrier (Anti-Ram Fence) was designed for cost savings and easy installation. We can easily match an existing fence application by using the same ornamental pickets or typical chain link. BSP provides a passive vehicle barrier to meet the demands of various facilities and their various security requirements.

BSP’s Passive Cable Barrier (Anti-Ram Fence) is the most cost effective and reliable product on the market. Due to the proprietary design that allows for no compression clamps, cable breaks or attachments at the line crash posts and corner posts. The system does not require any additional parts for direction change at any corner or line crash post. This allows for fast installation and keeps the cost low by not having to provide spelter fittings, compression clamps or cable breaks throughout the barrier fence line.