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Anti-Vehicle Breaching Device (AVBD 400 SERIES)

M30 Surface Mounted Plate Barrier Model #430
M50 Wedge Barrier Model #450

BSP offers a full line of permanent M50 and temporary M30 surface mounted wedge barriers that are certified to meet ASTM F2656 crash standards M30/M50. The Barriers are designed for surface mounting applications and have been specifically developed to be mounted on an existing concrete driveway. The model 430 Surface Mounted Plate Barrier is operated with a self-contained power source, complete with electric motor unit that includes a universal programmable logic controller (PLC) and is available with emergency fast operation (EFO) as an option. Designed with innovative cutting-edge technology the Model 430 Surface Mounted Plate Barrier provides the highest level of security for a surface mounted barrier and ensures a fast economical installation, smooth operation, and easy maintenance.

The permanent M50 Wedge Barrier is the “go to” product for many clients when the design calls for final Denial Barriers. Fast operation for quick response times and industry leading stopping power the permanent fixed M50 Wedge Barrier checks all the boxes. Cycle tested to withstand submersion, sand and debris the barrier can take anything the site can throw at it and continue to operate. The BSP M50 Wedge Barriers is the most cost effective and reliable Wedge on the market.