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Anti-Vehicle Breaching Device (AVBD 400 SERIES)

M30 Surface Mounted Plate Barrier Model #430
M50 Wedge Barrier Model #450

Wedge barriers have long been a staple in the security industry. The right wedge barrier is easily installed, has a fast operation time, and competitively priced compared to net systems and active bollards. Wedge barriers are an indispensable tool in the Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) toolbox for vehicular security. BSP has developed the most innovative wedge barrier to date. With its simplistic 3 finger design that requires no tracks, springs, pullies, chains or internal electronics this barrier can operate in any environment and is completely secured from tampering. Utilizing the patent pending complete seal system, the BSP M50/P1 wedge barrier is completely dust, dirt, snow and sand. Because of its one-of-a-kind design, the BSP Wedge has the least amount of above ground and below ground components of any wedge on the market.

The BSP M50/P1 Wedge has passed full scale ASTM Crash tested and remained in place after the hit of. Each one of our wedge barrier options are specifically designed for functionality, durability, and reliability. As with any industry, when a product is successful, the market becomes saturated with similar products. It can be daunting process to wade through different products that look similar. When this happens, it is important to have a company you can trust. Because of our experience in manufacturing crash rated anti-vehicular products for the past decade, and construction experience in installing, integrating, and servicing vehicle barriers of every kind, BSP has been the trusted supplier to provide a cost effective wedge barrier solution for many locations across the country.



WIDTH The AVBD-451 can come in width from 10-18’
HEIGHT ABOVE GRADE 43” to the top edge of the beam, 37” to the leading edge
AVAILABLE FINISHES PVC Coated, Galvanized, or both


  • Hydraulic or Electric Operation

  • Lighter Frame design allows for faster operation speeds and reduces wear on motor/actuator

  • Easily Installed, foundation needs no rebar

  • Emergency Operation Speeds of less than 2 seconds

  • Fully integrates with all Access Control Point Systems, over speed/Wrong way detection


  • Customized Integrated Controls

  • Visual and Audible Alarms

  • Traffic Lights

  • Battery Backup System

  • Heated and/or cooled foundation for extreme conditions.